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Joey Ng'ethe

Learning Resources

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Being a self-taught developer, I am always on the lookout for learning resources. Luckily, we have an infinite amount of resources on the internet from vlogs, blogs, tutorials, code examples, etc.

This can be overwhelming if you try to learn anything and everything you stumble upon. The strategy that I use is to learn what I need at the moment and leave out what I don't need. I do keep some of the interesting ones at the back of my mind such that if I come across a particular problem that might be solved by those technologies, then and only then I can do a deep dive.

In line with these, some of the technologies that I have been meaning to learn a bit of are;

  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS AppSync
  • Serverless Frameworks
  • AWS Cloud Development Kit and
  • Dynamo DB

The other day when I was on a catchup call with Nader Dabit and him being a domain expert in some of these technologies, I asked him if he could share some resources that I could read on these topics. And he was gracious enough to send me some handy links, and I thought that I should share them on here for anyone who might find them helpful.

Below are these resources that he shared.

Cloud Development Kit
Serverless Framework

An there you have it. I hope you find these resources helpful as I did. Big shout out to Nader for passing these on to me, and now I am passing them on to you. Be sure to give him a follow @dabit3 as well as myself @afrinasinatra

Happy learning, cheers!